Third-Party Auto Claims

Fixler & LaGattuta, LLP has developed a vigorous, cost-effective automotive liability defense practice and has had enormous success in defending cases involving all types of automobile accidents from pedestrian knockdowns to multiple car crossovers. The firm's attorneys are experienced and adept in defending and litigating first- and third-party PIP, PD, UM, and BI claims and have handled inter-company arbitrations, coverage disputes, and first- and third-party bad faith claims.


UIM and PIP are targets of personal injury lawyers and, in recent years, a ripe source of disputes between insurers and insureds. We counsel and represent insurance companies in the management of these claims and handle matters in the arbitration or litigation arenas when and where appropriate. We have successfully defended PIP and UIM claims for both bodily injury and property damage and successfully arbitrated PIP claims for medical expenses resulting from over-treatment and for unnecessary testing or surgical procedures, as well as claims for lost wages.