Fixler & LaGattuta, LLP has represented and successfully defended a variety of property owners, as well as public and private landlords, including shopping centers and malls, condominium and homeowner associations, real estate businesses and management companies, supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores, health facilities, schools, transportation companies, and hotels against a wide variety of personal injury actions and against negligence claims brought on behalf of crime victims.

The firm aggressively defends premises liability claims arising from slips and falls, false imprisonment, kidnapping, sexual and other assaults, as well as wrongful death. The firm's partners have lectured on premises issues, particularly in the defense of inadequate or negligent security and/or hiring claims.

In addition to defending general liability lawsuits, we also work closely with our clients to prevent claims from arising and have given seminars on case law developments and their impact on our clients’ respective businesses.

Within the field of general and premises liability, the firm’s members have defended numerous supermarkets against claims stemming from routine slips and falls, as well as from claims of food poisoning, assault, false arrest, crane and lift accidents, and cart knockdowns by the store’s own employees. We have also represented landlords in actions ranging from routine slip/trip and falls to claims for lead poisoning brought on behalf of infant residents as well as cleaning and elevator concerns.

In their representation of these clients, the firm has also engaged in interpretation of contractual and indemnity issues as well as determinations of multi-defendant responsibility.